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Eating Disorders Treatment & Information

The Aspen Grove is a group of practitioners in Denver, Colorado specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.

The Aspen Grove offers a wide range of therapeutic interventions and resources to clients suffering from anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, and related eating disorders. Practitioners provide specialized individual therapy; process-oriented and behavior-oriented group therapy; nutritional counseling; couples counseling; and family therapy.

Our expertise and cooperative communication with clients allows us to make treatment recommendations that fit the level of severity of each individual's eating disorder and related difficulties.

The Aspen Grove also provides educational information and resources to clients, their families, and the general public. This service includes speaking to groups such as schools, businesses, and other health care providers about eating disorders and healthy body image, and providing helpful educational information, websites, and reading materials to families and friends of people with eating disorders.


Mission Statement:
The Aspen Grove is committed to supporting individuals and their families through preventative and therapeutic services designed to address their mental health needs. By valuing the importance of relationships, emotional growth and connection, physical health, and the highest ethical treatment, we provide quality professional services aimed at creating empowering environments and positive changes for clients. The Aspen Grove is committed to social justice principles and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, or age.

Tips For Building Up Your Business Credit

Everybody in business wants to be successful but sometimes it may take a bit longer than you had hoped. With so much competition today, you have the internet and a global community that is competition with each other. All of this means tough going for a business looking to establish itself.

With a solid strategy in place you can put together a plan that grows you business at just the right pace. Moving too fast can quickly sink you and put you out of business quickly. The idea is to grow your business, to hopefully become profitably where you are seen as a good risk to take for lenders looking to make investments.

If you want to build your business credit be patient about it. When first starting out you have nothing to show lenders, so in that case nobody is willing to extend a line of credit unless you put up collateral. Most likely in the beginning you are using your personal lines of credit to help infuse money into the business. Even though that is very risky since you put your personal life at risk. Buying a car and getting a mortgage will be a lot tougher with business debt on your personal credit account.

By working hard and paying all of your debts, eventually you can show banks you are worthy for a business line of credit. At first it may be small, but just enough to keep you going to buy more product. But if you are looking to expand more quickly since the time is right and the market is hot, you may want to speak with a venture capitalist.

A venture capitalist is always looking for good business investments. For a large infusion of cash keep in mind that this venture capitalist is going to want a piece of your business in return for being a silent partner. This may be worth it depending on the market and the potential profitability factor.

Keep in mind you never want to expand too fast if the market is not ready for it. There are a of pitfalls in business as you build up your standing, so keep working hard as you were previously doing. Build up your business at the right pace and take it as it comes. Going too fast to soon with all this new found cash could just sink your business.

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